Celebrating Daphne Oz & Moms-toBe!

Join us for the birth of Star Showers, a campaign celebrating moms and promoting safe births around the world. We will be honoring Daphne Oz.

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Denise Albert + Melissa Gerstein launch new Handbag line!

We are so proud of our friends Denise Albert and Melissa Gerstein of The MOMS. The media mogul mamas held an exclusive launch at the Rooftop Bar of the Empire Hotel the morning of Tuesday, October 15th to celebrate the launch of their new handbag line Musen Albert.

Notable guests like David Blaine stopped by the event to shop for Fall styles for his wife, as well as Marysol Castro, PIX Morning News anchor who came to check out the line in support of The MOMS.

Guests were also treated to a black and white cupcake confection shaped in the new Musen Albert logo (courtesy of Baked by Melissa), beachwaving courtesy of Sarah Potempa, manicures by Julep, and a special guest speaker, Dr. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson who gave everyone tips on breast health in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The Musen Albert line of handbags is a stylish, new line of handbags ranging from oversize totes, cross body bags, handbags, wallets and clutches that retail between $43 and $79.  The line includes smart, convertible designs, such as the Denise Tote Bag (above left), which is reversible with adjustable shoulder straps, and the Melissa Tote Bag (above right), which is also reversible and features a crossbody strap.  Musen Albert will made their official TV debut with The Moms on October 19th on ShopHQ.

 Please check out the link to view all the various styles from the line!

Madagascar 3 Star Jada Pinkett-Smith Empowers Moms

Thursday June 7th, I had the pleasure of attending the premiere of Dreamworks film Madagascar 3 with my 8 year old son. The following afternoon Jada Pinkett-Smith came to the Paramount offices for an exclusive event put on by The Moms- Denise Albert & Melissa Gerstein sponsored by Capri Sun-V where there was a screening followed by an intimate Q&A with the petite mega star.

Jada got personal and even cried when sharing her stories about parenting, work/life balance and being an empowered woman. It was an inspiring conversation that left the group of mom entrepreneurs feeling uplifted, shouting, laughing and a whole lot of head nodding, affirming the wisdom Jada shared. Being a single mom I felt especially touched by her values and admire the way she hustles. Jada is a real family woman, but also follows her passions and makes time to fulfill her dreams while being an excellent model for her children.

Jada on Teaching Value to your Children:
"Before my children had the jobs that they have, we created exchange with them. You don’t get something for nothing. I taught the value of money by giving them chores and having them earn what they wanted to buy… Don’t let them just spend what’s in mommy and daddy’s wallet because they won’t appreciate it. It’s not about being strict, it’s about being consistent and making sure they understand that they have to work for what they want. I remember Willow would be doing her little chores around the house and when it came to buy something she was like ‘oh no mommy, i’m not going to spend my money on this, I’m gonna save this money’ She had a sense of value and began to understand that mommy and daddy work hard for what we have and our money does not fall out of the sky. This eliminates a sense of entitlement. "

Jada on Taking back your ME time as a Working Mom:
"Being able to understand how important keeping one’s passion alive is, is so critical. We have to take those hours for ourselves. When we do it we realize how much it feeds the spirit. Then we have so much more to give to our family. Rather than thinking we are sneaking something away from them. Every last one of us knows those hours that we can take for ourselves get taken away because we feel guilty or someone is in our ears about putting our needs aside. At the end of the day without your passion you don’t feel alive. We need to feel alive so we can give life to those that we love. If we don’t have life, we have nothing to give. ‘I’m here sitting with you but I can’t give you 100% because I don’t feel alive’ yet, if I take 5 hours to myself and come back refreshed those hours I spend with my child are ferocious! Because I’m full of life. It’s not about hours, it’s not about time, it’s about spirit and you do whatever you need to do to make sure you feel alive- by any means necessary."

Jada on Work Ethic:
"This story brings tears to my eyes to share with you now…When my son was filming Karate Kid we were on set and I remember him doing his first full split and I looked at him and he was crying. And I went into full on mommy mode and I said "ok that’s enough stop" and he said "no, mommy I’m good" I was ready to fire the team because I felt like my son was trying to save face in the moment. Jaden stood up and said "ok let’s do it again". In that moment I realized I had to release that ‘mommy thing’ I had to let my son put forth his determination, it was a moment of growth and maturity, and I had to allow him to develop his sense of self. He has enough faith and confidence in himself to know what he needs. I backed off and gave him that space and was so proud of him. From that moment he has been soaring."

Jada on being a woman of color in the industry:
"I encourage my daughter to be herself. Willow creates what she creates because she is about her own individuality. Be you! There are images placed on all of us for being women, black women, white women, latin women, asian women, we all have stereotypes that we have to deal with. We have to be able to break outside of that box by connecting to your own individuality. I will say this as well, we have to be careful about what we support. The industry doesn’t make anything that people don’t support and go see. We talk about images we don’t like to see about ourselves in the industry, and yet we turn on that tv and watch it, we pay that dollar to get that CD, we pay that 5 dollars to go see that movie… I think there is more responsibility on the audience than there is on the industry, because the industry is only creating what we want to see…and that’s real."

Jada on incorporating world culture into the home:
"We spent a lot of time in China, because that’s where we shot Karate Kid. Willow decided to take Mandarin for 3 months and when we attended the Nobel Peace prize concert and Willow sang she got to speak to the artist piano player in Mandarin. She gets the love of languages from her dad, Will is very good with language. She also loves Tokyo, which is where she gets a lot of her style sense. Jaden is a real people person, he picks up cultural things. When we went to Morocco he learned to place a hand over the heart to greet people, which I’ve actually picked up too. We love to travel as a family and definitely incorporate some of the customs we pick up into our home life."

Meet the Panelists!

We are so excited to feature some of our favorite moms for the upcoming Salon Series event. Our first profile of panelists is about The Moms, award winning journalists Denise Albert and Melissa Gerstein. I have come to know these ladies very well and I am thrilled to have their support. Check out their full story on the SALON SERIES BLOG

Miyam Bialik- Beyond the Sling with The Moms

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to meet with a small group of mom bloggers at Simon and Schuster for a meet and greet with Miyam Bialik hosted by The Moms. Mayim was the child star of the popular 1990s TV sitcom Blossom, but she definitely didn’t follow the typical child-star trajectory. She got her PhD in neuroscience from UCLA, married her college sweetheart, and had two kids. Miyam started questioning a lot of the conventional wisdom she heard about the “right” way to raise a child after exhaustive reading about parenting. That’s when she discovered attachment parenting, a philosophy and lifestyle popularized by well-known physicians like Dr. William Sears and Dr. Jay Gordon, who also wrote the forward to her book.

She embraced this philosophy and her book beautifully shares her own wisdom experience and the principles of attachment parenting. I was so excited to speak with Miyam about parenting because our philosophies are the same. I am vegan and had a natural vaginal childbirth, practiced co-sleeping, and breastfed my son until he was nearly 3 years old, and carried him in a sling until about age 4. She really delves into areas where parents find challenge, like gentle discipline. Her refreshing perspective will leave you feeling empowered as a parent or caregiver. I love how she blends science with spirituality and gives value to her own intuitive process while giving women permission to trust their bodies The book is available now. Click here for more info and to purchase the book.

Lansinoh, leaders in breast feeding products were there showcasing their breastpumps and newest acquisition- the mOmma line of ergonomic feeding products.

Miyam in her brilliance is a shining example of a Mama Glow Icon because she is committed to her own personal growth and needs while being of ultimate service of her children. This book is officially amongst the texts that I require my students and mothers-to-be to read.

The most powerful thing a woman can do is learn to understand her body” -Miyam Bialik